About restaurants

The restaurant about Russian comfort, "Marie Vanna" works in Moscow, London, Baku and new York, but first opened ten years ago in St. Petersburg. In the street Lenin, "Mari Vanna" moved on Mytninskaya embankment, and now the species is Rabbit island and the Arrow.
The food is home-made food that was cooking our mothers and grandmothers: Olivier with veal, jelly vigorous, ruddy patties with veal heart and a green soup with chicken. Bake pancakes ― thin and curvy Gur of wheat, with buckwheat and liver or crab, plus sturgeon caviar, pike, aubergine. Roll their banquets with suckling pig on the table, stuffed with smoked salmon, sturgeon, walleye baked whole and served with horseradish, there are also pickled mushrooms, herring and Olyutorsky zapotevshie crystal glass.