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Mark (16.12.2013 21:18)
Nice website, but how about an address?

nancyleecutler@q.com (09.09.2013 06:40)
I was there in your restaurant the first week in July and had the best beet borscht that I have ever tasted. I would like to make it myself. Would you be willing to share your recipe? There are many, many recipes for this soup, but yours was the very best I have ever tasted. Thank you. Sincerely, Nancy Cutler, Portland, Oregon

Olga (04.08.2013 05:11)
I loved it! I've been there first time last night, after hearing a lot about it from friends. The food was great, the music was nice, and the infused vodka was delicious. They have 12 different flavors (I think). I tried 4 - black currant, raspberry, horseradish and cowberry. In my opinion the horseradish was the best. Our server was courteous and professional. Overall wonderful experience! I will definetely come back again.

Lisa, Charlotte, NC (04.06.2013 17:54)
I had coffee and dessert at this unique restaurant a few months ago. The hostess, servers and everyone I met were very professional, and friendlly. Their Kiev cake is hand-crafted with layers of meringue -- it literally melts in your mouth! The decor is beautiful and striking and the atmosphere is very comfortable, like you're dining in Russia at the home of a friend.

Paul Levy (27.04.2013 01:14)
Hoping for a reservation for six on Tuesday April 30 at 7:30 PM. My name is Paul; my email address is plevy@citizen.org; my work phone is 202-588-7725. But your reservation line has been busy