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AMB (31.08.2014 23:42)
My wife, two friends, and I ate at the DC location on Friday, August 22, 2014. It was the first time my wife and I ate at Mari Vanna, but it won't be the last. The food and drinks were delicious. The raspberry vodka was spectacular. But what made the evening special was our server, Anastasia. She was wonderful.

Brianna (12.08.2014 20:37)
Mari Vanna is by far one of my favorite places to eat in DC. I was a Russian Studies major in college, and was lucky to be spoiled by some of my Russian friends and teachers during that time. Mari Vanna is charming, delicious, and gives me a little feeling of being back in college learning about Russian culture. The drinks are fantastic, and the staff is friendly. I enjoy trying to work on my language skills, and yes, there is even Russian candy!

Настя (09.07.2014 10:43)
Мы были в ресторане 8 июля, это был не первый наш раз. Но только сегодня у меня создалось впечатление, что нас не обслуживали, а заботились о нас. Спасибо за это девушке Тане. Ну и как всегда, еда на высоте, а антураж вызывает желание остаться жить в ресторане!:) Спасибо:)

Florentina (07.07.2014 03:11)
I've bee today to MariVanna and had brunck there. I loved it !!!! My waitress was Tania. Great service !!!! I'll definatly request for her again !!!!!

Maxim) (01.07.2014 07:29)
nice nice nice carioke nights on Wednesdays! You guys who knows how to sing just come over))) Not all the singers I liked lol.., anyways, it was hard to get a hold of a waiter though. I managed to catch up with pne of the servers (Tatiana) and after that our night went well! Thank you guys for the unforgetable experiance. Even guys who couldn't sing, thank you:)