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Na Blini - We Love Birthdays! Celebrating ALL JULY Birthdays

Mari Vanna loves Blini's Tuesdays and Birthdays !

If your Birthday is in May - then on Tuesday, July 29th we are celebrating YOUR Birthday!!!

Mari Vanna is welcoming ALL THOSE WHO HAS BIRTHDAY IN JULY to come for a special treat.

We will treat you with our " NA BLINI" FEAST ( Blinis all nigh for you + One of Special Mari Vanna Cocktails- for 1 person)

And of course Our Special Birthday CAKE and Birthday Song for every July Birthday boy and girl !! :)

All you need to do to get your Birthday Celebration going:

- Come to Mari Vanna on Tuesday, and show ID with your Birthday on it, proving that it is in JULY.

- Bring minimum 3 Friends with you!

- Be ready to celebrate your Birthday on us!!!!:)

But if this is NOT your Birthday Month, we are still welcoming you to join us for OUR BLINIS FEAST:

Mari Vanna is cooking her St.Petersburg's favorite handmade blinis and welcomes you to join our family "НА БЛИНЫ" ( "Russian Crepes Feast").

Make it your way with selections of meat, fish, variety of home made preserves, many other Russian style fillings and of course caviar.

Blinis never end...!

• Our treat of one of Mari Vanna's signature cocktails or one of 20+ selections of house-infused vodkas.

• All for 1000 Rubles ( $35.00 ).

• Starts at 5pm: VODKA OPEN BAR from 5pm-6pm!

You can see pictures from our previous Blini's Tuesdays in the Albums on our Official Fan Page on Facebook or here on the website in " Our Guest" section.

Reservations are highly recommended!

Here are some of the photos from our Last weeks'" NA BLINI"! :

Photos from Blinis' Tuesdays

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