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Karen (15.08.2015 15:56)
I agree...there is no scroll bar so it is not possible to scroll down any of the pages. Please take this up with your webmaster. It is a shame because it looks like it could be a very interesting website and dining location.

Michael Brown (10.08.2015 16:56)
I like the idea of being different and clever, but your website is impossible to use. So many bugs you can't navigate.

Rebecca Promitzer. (03.08.2015 19:35)
Your website looks so charming! I'm really excited about eating here this week- I'm treating my friend!

Aleksandr Terleev (13.07.2015 12:53)
Your website is impossible to use. Plan a lunch at Marivanna requires a laptop and stamina, because your flash site is unbearably bad.

Tony Clark (27.02.2015 00:25)
I noticed your page "Our Guests" . . so you might like to be aware that our recommendation originated indirectly from Oleg Tinkov (Tinkoff brewery, Banking, etc. and owner of probably the worlds second best cycle racing team) who dined with his family on 7th January . . he went on to attend a cycle racing journalists dinner as guest speaker . . he told them that Mari Vanna was the first proper Russian Restaurant that he had ever found outside of Russia.