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Катя (17.10.2015 18:58)
Была некоторое время назад. Встретила меня надменный администратор, посадила за худший столик при пустом зале, уходила - "до свидания" не услышала. Да и не вернусь я и друзьям не посоветую. Или, быть может, наш ресторан за границей - не для русских?Грусть да только. Написала не ради жалобы, а чтобы обратили внимание и исправили недостатки.

Natasha K (22.09.2015 13:53)
It is very difficult to read the menu....

John (16.09.2015 17:23)
Was thinking of visiting this restaurant, but given the lack of attention to detail on this website, namely the lack of scrolling and proper menu displays, I fear this may be the same at the restaurant. So will avoid.

Anna (18.08.2015 15:57)
The restaurant is great, the food and atmosphere is wonderful. But this website does not do it justice. Agree with the above comments regarding navigation and absence of scroll bars. Hope you will fix it very soon.

Karen (15.08.2015 15:56)
I agree...there is no scroll bar so it is not possible to scroll down any of the pages. Please take this up with your webmaster. It is a shame because it looks like it could be a very interesting website and dining location.