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Michael Guest. (08.07.2016 18:17)
I can only see the lunch menu on Sunday. I cannot scroll down. It needs updating.

Evgenia (06.06.2016 20:04)
Where is the menu? I can only see the tab about the lunch set menu. Cannot scroll down.

Nigel (11.03.2016 14:54)
I can't scroll down anywhere. I can't find out about the event on 12th March (from Visit London info). Disappointed. disappointed.

PM (11.02.2016 20:06)
It seems that you are not updating the site. The menu tab only shows that you open for lunch with a set menu. The press articles cannot be read. altogether off-putting

Princess Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir (31.01.2016 23:08)
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