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Caroline (23.09.2016 14:53)
My Russian friends would like to invite me to your restaurant, but i can't see your menu - only Borsch. I'm sure you have other dishes on offer so what are they?

Alexandra (07.09.2016 23:25)
As everyone else keeps saying, yuour site does not work. I can't see any menus, and the text that comes up is cut off and it is impossible to scroll down to see the rest. I wanted to visit but it is impossible tosee what you ahve on offer.

Ian Hill (27.08.2016 14:33)
Your website does not work. You REALLY need to fix it. I can't see the menu. It is influencing my decision to come

Karin (15.07.2016 13:25)
Indeed it has a tab "menu" but can't see much. update please

Michael Guest. (08.07.2016 18:17)
I can only see the lunch menu on Sunday. I cannot scroll down. It needs updating.