Thanksgiving - Take Out Menu for 6 people

Turkey - $85, Apple or Pumpkin Pie 12 inch - $24, Mashed Potato - $12, Green Peas - 12$, Buckweat Kasha - $12, Olivie - $28, Vinegret - $24, Cranberry and Stuffing - $15, Soft Drinks Kompot or Kvas - $10 bottle. Place Order Now! (323) 655-1977

Pre Thanksgiving Dinner in Mari Vanna LA

Wednesday, November 26 - Roasted Turkey, Assorted Appetizers, Pumpkin Pie, House Infused Vodka Shots! $39 for person, Start at 7

Beluga Model Tuesday

Katya Shastova will cook her favorite dish at Mari Vanna Los Angeles!!! Katya will share her food that she is going to prepare with Mari Vanna Guests ! Guests arriving from 7:30 p.m. Complimentary shot of house infused vodka is waiting upon your arrival! Beluga shot $ 8! Every Tuesday models will cook their favorite dish.

This is "Key Monday"

This Monday, October 20 the doors be closed at 8pm. Come with your own key!

Wednesday - Unlimited Caviar Bar

$34 + Complimentary Champagen Glass for Every Guest with a purchase of Unlimited Caviar Bar!

(Red Caviar, Assorted Salads, Stuffed and Plain Blinis, Condiments and Preserves)

$10 of all Black Caviar