Lace curtains embraces you on the threshold, welcoming donut wrapped around a samovar, welcome clock cuckooing

About restaurants.

Certainly, to feel the wonders of this home to their fullest, you have to come here at least once. But when you become its permanent resident, you will be gifted with your own key to the restaurant, which, by the way, would also open you doors of the MariVanna restaurants in St. Petersburg, New York, London and Washington D.C.

Our menu.

In the morning at Mari Vanna it smells like fresh pastries are served for Breakfast pancakes and fluffy omelet. At lunchtime, you can mentally spend time and try a plate of rich borsch and stewed duck leg with buckwheat. In the evenings, Mari Vanna is a real holiday. Tinctures that caring hostess stands for more than a month in a special cellar, flow like a river.

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